Agent and Editor Query Links: Obsession, Misery and Laughs

Back in October I wrote about starting my agent / editor query process. And... I'm still at it. Perseverance is the word you are thinking of.During the query process I have discovered some great websites worth sharing. If you are in your query process like I am, you can obsess over them in between repeatedly refreshing your email to make sure you didn't miss any messages from your to-be agent/editor.I have divided the sites into helpful categories. CATEGORY 1: I WANT TO QUERY EVERY AGENT ON THE PLANET (OR THE GALAXY) galaxyQuery Tracker and Agent QueryBoth these sites offer an extensive database and search tools to locate agents or publishers. They also give you tools to track your queries and see what others are saying about the agent/editor you wish to query.Writers Digest Guide to Literary Agents Great site to check on a regular basis. Editor Chuck Sambuchino profiles new agents and what books they are looking for.CATEGORY 2: MISERY LOVES COMPANYmiserable-writerLiterary RejectionsHow many times have you Googled "famous authors rejections"? Now you can get your answer in one page: "Best-Sellers Initially Rejected." This page features a long list of best-selling books that were rejected a million times. The site also has a list of international agencies including Canada, England, Australia and Germany. CATEGORY 3: TWITTER? REALLY?#PitMadIts not enough that you have to write a one page query letter, and a two page synopsis... Now you have the opportunity to condense it all into 140 characters or less and pitch on Twitter. During the event known as #PitMad authors pitch on Twitter under the #PitMad hashtag. Agents and editors reply to pitches they are interested in reading. But don't get too excited, the chances of success are about 6.5%.CATEGORY 4: HOW BAD IS MY QUERY LETTER?sharkQuery SharkThis site is run by agent Janet Reid. She offers critiques and revisions on query letters. (Hint: Check out the Chum Bucket) CATEGORY 5: I NEED A GOOD LAUGH, LIKE NOW!SlushPile HellpileCall me naive, but I never thought query letters could be this bad. I mean, there is bad and then there is Slushpilehell bad. You will laugh until you cry.Here is my favorite post so far:Query: Have you ever wished you had represented the author of the Holy Bible and placed it with a publisher?  With the Bible being the best selling book ever written over the last 2,000 years, the revenue it would have generated for your agency and employees would have allowed your agency to exist for generations. While I don’t have a religious manuscript, I do have one I believe is as important as the Bible which has the sales potential of the Bible.Agent Response: No, I don’t wish I had represented the author of the Bible. I suspect that God would be a really high-maintenance client. And, by the way, thanks for having such a humble opinion of your work. You and Kanye West should become BFFs.Seriously people!What are your favorite query sites? Leave a note below.