A few highlights from our writers retreat

Last week's writing retreat was amazing! My writing partner, Marie, and I spent a few days in the North Georgia mountains with the sole goal of writing. Such a luxury!We both worked on the outlines of our new books while exchanging ideas on plot, character development and story arch. At the end of each writing session we traded the scenes we had written and gave each other feedback on the direction the story was taking.  It was fantastic to get instant feedback on each other's scenes.For me, starting a new book was a great way to get my mind off the misery that is the query process. It gave me a new creative outlet into which I can channel my energy while I wait, most impatiently, for agents and editors to respond to my query emails.In between writing sessions Mary and I took time off to enjoy the hiking trails of Big Canoe (I have shared some photos below). We even attended an Aqua-Aerobics class set to 80s music and packed with fabulous grannies! That alone made the trip worthwhile!