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Mayra’s YA contemporary #OwnVoices debut SALTY, BITTER, SWEET hits shelves on March 2020. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Mayra is a professional journalist and fiction writer who prefers love stories with a happy ending. Her debut fiction short story was selected by best-selling author Becky Albertalli to appear in the Foreshadow YA serial anthology Issue 04 in April 2019. She is currently a special projects producer and writer for CNN. She keeps her sanity by practicing Buddhist meditation and serving on the Board of Directors of Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia. She lives with her husband, also a CNN journalist, and their cat, in the charming town of Norcross, Georgia. She is also the step-mom to two amazing young men who provide plenty of inspiration for her stories. Her claim to fame came as her family appeared in Season 2 of Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers.

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I was 12 years old when I discovered the amazing novels written by Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Following their example, I decided journalism was the best career choice for someone who wanted to tell stories. Since then, my work has appeared in CNN, HLN, In Session on truTV (Court TV) and EFE International News Agency. I have reported on domestic and international events but nothing compared to the thrill of selling my first YA novel.

Things that make me smile: a silent meditation retreat, cooking for people I love, traveling somewhere new, staying home on a rainy day, Seinfeld and The Office re-runs, playing Scrabble and Monopoly, homemade ice cream, books with funny lines, when my husband suggests EVERY single time that my male protagonists should be based on him.

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