My Summer Reading List

It has been a great Summer for reading! And so far I'm on track to finish the seven books I set out to read back in May.The stories and the characters I have met have surpassed my greatest expectations.First on the list is the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by the incredibly talented Laini Taylor. WOW! I devoured these three books in two weeks. Taylor has a rare talent for weaving in spiritual concepts in a way that is unique, original and utterly brilliant. The icing on the cake is her writing. Its beautiful and thoughtful, like a poem wrapped in a novel.Daughter 1Daughter 2

Daughter 3

        I can't wait to read her first book Lips Touch Three Times, which is currently on my "to-read" Summer pile.lips          Next on my Summer "read" list is We Were Liars by E. Lockhard.After seeing this tittle in several "Summer must reads," I decided to give E. Lockhard a chance. And this is what I have to say to her: if I ever run into you at a conference watch out. How could you do this to me?  I still feel sick every time I think of what happened on Summer 15. Urgh. But I can't bring myself to hate you. Your writing left in me in awe. Even if your story punched a giant hole of horribleness in my gut. I don't know what to do with your book. I want to lay with it on the sand and I want to hurl it into the ocean... all at once. This is one of the most memorable stories I have ever read. A triumph of voice, character and story. we were liars          And now for some light reading. Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice is on my "currently reading" pile. I'm very excited about this one because 1) I love catching up on classics and 2) reading Jane Austin is like having a chocolate croissant. Yum, butter and chocolate.Pride and Prejudice        Last on my "to-read" Summer pile is Throne of Glass. I already read the first chapter and can't wait to pick it up again. It struck me in the same vein and tone as Kristine Cashore's Graceling, which I loved.throne         What's on your Summer reading list?