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School and Library Visits

Mayra LOVES doing school and library visits!

Events: Schools and libraries may schedule up to three events per day including a combination of the following:

  • School assembly

  • Classroom or library presentation

  • Breakout sessions or workshops

  • Student lunch, interview with school newspaper, parent/teacher discussion, or book signing

Bonus: Free books! Schedule a full day event, and receive three FREE books for your school library, as well as signed bookmarks for students.

Grades: As a young adult author, Mayra can connect with students from grades 6-12.

Book Copies: Copies of Mayra’s book should be available to students in advance of any school visit. Students do not have to purchase her book, but should be familiar with the story and her author bio. Pre-event sales can be arranged through a local bookstore or with her publisher.

Presentation TOPICS

Cake and Pajamas: The Author’s Life: Mayra discusses growing up in Puerto Rico, reading great Latin American literature as a teen, and using books and writing as an escape from her parents divorce. She then talks about becoming a journalist, landing a job at CNN, and later becoming an author. She discusses the “life” of an author, including everyday demands and the path to publication.

Find the Story Only You Can Tell: Mayra leads students through a series of writing prompts so they can use their life experiences to tell a unique story and begin to find their voices as writers. This presentation works best as a workshop.

Of Love, Food and Family: Salty, Bitter, Sweet Book Talk: This presentation is built around the themes of Mayra’s debut Salty, Bitter, Sweet. She discusses how to incorporate love, food and family into fiction writing.

Your Life as a RomCom: In this fun writing workshop, Mayra leads students through a series of writing prompts so they can create a short story with RomCom elements using examples from their own life.

Why Diversity Matters: Mayra discusses the importance and need of reading diverse books from all genres. She also challenges the idea that marginalized characters are authentic only when they are dealing with pain or abuse of some kind, most often directly related to their race, religion, or sexuality.

Journaling and Meditation: Mayra explains how journaling and meditation can help with the anxiety and depression teens often experience. For this workshop, Mayra uses her own experiences as a teen who was diagnosed with both anxiety and depression at age 16. Today, Mayra is a qualified meditation teacher and part of Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia’s Teacher Training Program.


Two Sessions: $800, includes two 45 minute sessions from the list above

Full Day: $1250, includes up to three sessions and a break for lunch

Transportation and Lodging: Additional transportation and lodging fees apply for locations over 50 miles from Norcross, GA.


Session: 45-minute Skype sessions include a book talk, short reading and Q&A

Rate: $150 per session

Book Clubs

Book clubs in the metro Atlanta area can contact Mayra about in-person visits.

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